A Summer Of Blonde Life


“Love the packaging!” I need this!” “Love my joico products!”…
Instagram style sensation, Sara Vickers, posts one mega rave about her affection for our one-of-a-kind Blonde Life system and her followers literally blow up her page. Not surprising, though, because this sought-after beauty has it going on in the hair department; and has legions of blonde fans looking for a rescue for their own delicate strands. Check out her testimonial here, and tips for summering up with the Blonde Life line from our very own Joico Guest Artist, Brandon Corbitt:


When you hit the “blonde slump” (fading, brassiness, dry/dull strands), it’s time to break out the Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner…and use it EVERY TIME YOU CLEANSE. This sulfate-free duo will keep blondes pure and protected from environmental damage — yes, the kind that wreaks havoc on fair hair. Then add a dose of UV protection, shine, and hydration by spritzing Blonde Life Brightening Veil into your freshly towel-dried hair. If you’ve got heat stylers on the menu, (like a fun, two-inch wand that gives you beachy waves) finish your care “cocktail” with Joico Heat Set Blowout Perfecting Crème, which reduces breakage by 25 percent and repels dirt, keeping hair cleaner and fresher, longer.


Want a one-of-a-kind warrior that keeps blonde strands from fading every time you take another dip in the pool or ocean? Grab Blonde Life Brightening Masque and use it pre-shampoo to detoxify impurities in the hair (like, say, chlorine, salt, and sunscreen). The deeply nourishing ingredients deliver a sparkling blonde, straight-out-of-the-salon look.


Nothing cuts those nasty warm, brassy blonde tones better than Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo and Conditioner. Use it every other day to keep your cool shade fresh and on tone.


Blonde hair can be finicky and fragile…which means that tangles tackled with heavy, weighty products end up imparting a greasy, stained look to otherwise pristine fair hair. For easy detangling, plus added protection, shine, and restrengthening, spray on Blonde Life Brightening Veil after you shampoo and condition. This lightweight wonder will instantly work out the knots, and give you that glide and slip that makes blow drying a breeze.


It’s kid time, and hanging out for eight-plus hours at an amusement park or beach under the hot sun can have some seriously harsh effects on your blonde hair, So here’s what to do (take notes): Start the day with Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner. Follow up a light mist of Blonde Life Brightening Veil on towel-dried blonde hair for quick-and-easy detangling, UV protection, and super shine. Then, emulsify a small dollop of Blonde Life Brightening Masque in your hands and rake through your hair with your fingers, focusing on the mid lengths and ends. Now, run a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush through hair again for even distribution of the treatment. Finally, braid or pull your hair back into a ponytail, leaving the masque in the hair all day. Once home, cleanse hair as usual and marvel at the “heat treatment” you nailed without knowing it.