How To Get Gaga’s Golden Globes Hair

Lady Gaga Blue Hair at The Golden Globes

It Started With The Dress

Lady Gaga Blue Hair at The Golden Globes

When Gaga’s hair and makeup team got their first look at her out-of-this-world periwinkle Valentino gown, creativity went into overdrive. “We were so inspired by the magnificent color of the dress, so we choose to use a similar tone for the hair, too,” reveals Frederic.

She Literally Stole The Show

So Shallow won Best Song. But Lady Gaga won Best Hair in the morning-after press wave, everyone hailing the star’s beautiful blue appearance as a “modern-day Cinderella.”

The hair vision was 16th century European aristocracy

The hairstyle itself took its cue from the history books, explains Frederic, “The sophistication of the women of that era who wore clothes of extreme elegance and regalia was our inspiration.”

Frederic’s Her Mane Man

Referred to as the Haus of Gaga Wigmaker, Joico celebrity artist Frederic Aspiras has been her long-time “manestay;” creating head-turning color, cuts, and style for everything from red-carpet appearances to concerts, movies, and more.

Gaga's Unique Blue Hair Color Took A Note From The Devil Wears Prada Playbook

Lady gaga with blue hair

Remember the scene in Prada, where Miranda Priestley lectures a beleaguered Andi on the critical difference between everyday blue and cerulean? Same deal here. “When the Valentino gown came in for the fitting, we knew we had to do cerulean blue hair,” says Frederic.

It Was Completely Collaborative

Not surprisingly, the creative process always involves putting two genius heads together. Frederic explains, “I’ll make a few sketches of the hair or show a mock-up hairstyle and/or color choice of a wig so we can try it on with the gown. We spend so much time thinking it through and trying different options.”

He Put A Bow On It

Every beautiful package needs a final flourish. Which is why Gaga’s magical, Cinderella-like updo featured a bow-like structure to highlight the beautiful blue tones that danced throughout her icy-blonde strands.

Capture The Color Of The Night

Color Intensity Group Shot Bottles

Create an overall bright-blonde base, then go in with Sky and Rose mixed with Clear to create the unique hue…

Formula 1: Prelighten with Blonde Life Lightening Powder + 20 Volume LumiShine Developer

Formula 2: Mix Joico Color Intensity 2 parts Sky + 1 part Rose + 2 parts Clear Mixer to create the perfect shade of cerulean blue

Treat: Joico Blonde Life Brightening Masque

Nail The Updo

Blonde Life Masque and Veil Bottle

• Prep strands with Joico Blonde Life Brightening Veil and a wide-tooth comb to protect hair and add mega shine.
• Blow hair dry using a round boar-bristle brush; alternating between high and medium heat will protect strands yet move the drying process along.

Body Shake Bottle

• Apply Joico Body Shake for texture and hold.
• Using a board-bristle paddle brush, sweep hair up into a ponytail, then wrap and twist hair into a half bun, leaving ends out and parted to each side of the head.
• Finish by wrapping the ends of the hair around a 1 ½-inch curling iron.