Salon I-deas: Edgy Meets Glam Cut/Color

Edgy brunette cut and color after

Salon i-deas begins with something we call “The 3 Wheels of Fashion”…an easy, teachable, and highly detailed method that lets you map your client inside and out, helping you to look at each person with a fresh pair of eyes. Sure, a cut and color takes into account complexion, bone structure, and coloring. But with Salon i-deas, we go much further… unearthing the details about a client that don’t necessarily show up in the mirror; her personality, her level of femininity, and her fashion sense.

Salon ideas wheel of fashion


Created with hair-color concepts and techniques by Phillip Ring, Vivienne unveils her thoroughly modern take on the bob — a look that easily walks the line from sleek to sultry with some artful styling and just-right Joico products. In delivering this duality, Vivienne tailors her work to Kendall’s magnetic personality, a combination of edgy, chic, and glam.


Edgy brunette hair cut

A mid-length, concave, layered haircut allows for the ultimate creativity with a longer bob. By razor-cutting the fringe, Vivienne’s able to give style and movement to a potentially awkward, in-between hair length.


Brunette hair color and cut during foiling

Using LumiShine Developer, Vero K-Pak Permanent Crème Color, Blonde Life Lightening Powder, and Luster Lock, Phil Ring creates the wow of “interior marbling” –a dimensional effect that delivers a stunning interplay of light and dark.


Edgy brunette hair color and cut

1) Street Chic was just the ticket for Kendall’s edgy, modern personality — sleek, but with the right amount of texture to take things up a notch. The key elements? A flat iron for shine and polish, Body Shake for plush volume, and lots of tousling with the hands…Vivienne’s ultimate styling tool.

Products to get you there:

Edgy brunette cut and color

2) Sultry Ocean Romance hones in on Kendall’s glam side…a romantic yet sexy look that’s “undone” in all the right places. By alternating one-inch curls in opposite directions, Vivienne creates texture within the waves; gentle teasing and an application of Hair Shake injects instant volume and hold.

Products to get you there: