Raspberry Truffle

Raspberry truffle hair color
VERO K-PAK permanent hair color tube

Balance is essential when creating believable red shades—the idea is to produce a hue that isn’t too cool nor too hot. This formula has it all—a realistically warm base with cool lowlights to tie all the shades together perfectly. Try placing the lowlights in foil with zigzag partings for natural-looking results.

COLOR FORMULASLevel 4 Light Brown or Level 5 Lightest Brown

Color 1: 1 oz Vero K-PAK Color 5RR Red Garnet

Color 2: 1 oz Vero K-PAK Color 6RC Red Copper

Developer: 2 oz Vero K-PAK 20 Volume Veroxide

Timing:Process for 35-40 minutes at room temperature.

Color 1: 1½ oz Vero K-PAK Chrome RM5 Burmese Ruby

Color 2: ½ oz Vero K-PAK Chrome RR Really Red

Developer: 4 oz Vero K-PAK Chrome Activator

Timing: Process for 20 minutes at room temperature