Shag & Undercut: How To Nail 2020’s Major Looks


It’s a cut with a history. And now it’s making history again with a very modern approach from Joico Global Artistic Director, Richard Mannah.

Richard describes the look:
A very layered cut that’s versatile, feminine, and effortless. It can be cut in many different lengths and has a cool long fringe.

How the Mod Shag is a trend-setter:
This modern take on the rock-n-roll classic is casual, tousled, and visually effortless – perfect on medium and long-length hair now, with the trending “curtain bang.” Old shags may have been cookie-cutter…but the Mod Shag is utterly customizable.

Different each time:
No style is a one-size-fits all. Each hairdresser can take a concept, idea, and technique, and make it suit the individual they work on. Nothing – especially the shag – has to be a carbon copy.

Who can wear it:
Great news…everyone! But the longer version is recommended for clients with thicker hair.



Tweaking the look for your client:
The Mod Shag works with all facial features. But the length you choose determines the suitability factor – especially when it comes to bangs. With rounder face shapes, avoid rounding off the fringe, as it only accentuates that roundness.

Key products:
Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil brings out the shine of a shag, and Body Shake Texturizing Finisher adds volume and dimension.

Get the step-by-steps and watch Richard create the Mod Shag
in this FREE educational tutorial


The look may call to mind severe shave/scissor combos. But Joico Global Artistic Director, Richard Mannah, has a soft and chic new take on this multi-dimensional crop.

Richard describes the look:
Inspired by the downtown style-setters in NYC, the charisma of this modernized look hinges on a creative, rebellious, experimental vibe…perfectly showcased by actress Kristen Stewart’s recent haircuts.

How the Downtown Undercut is a trend-setter:
Shorter and softer than your run-of-the-mill undercut, this look glows with subtlety; in fact, only when you lift the back layers do you start to see the undercut elements. The versatility comes out in the styling: Wear it with a center parting, a side parting, or even completely off the face.

Who can wear it:
It’s a sure thing for clients with medium-to-fine-density hair. (If hair is thicker, you’ll need to focus on reducing weight after it’s dried.) For clients with rounder faces, steer clear of cutting the style too short; a bit of extra length provides softness and gives the illusion of facial angles.



The magic bullet:
Check and make sure the layers you cut are long enough to sit over the undercut. You don’t want a severe demarcation line.

Key products:
Luster Lock Multi-Perfect Daily Shine & Protect Spray is Richard’s #1 choice as a cutting agent; it helps create clean sections and maintains moisture throughout the cut, while adding tremendous sheen. Dream Blowout Thermal Protection Cream is up next, safeguarding strands against the heat of the dryer. Richard follows this with an application of Body Shake Texturizing Finisher for added dimension to the undercut layers.

Get the step-by-steps and watch Richard create the
Downtown Undercut in this FREE educational tutorial